Mission Statement

Integration Entertainment is a full service company, specializing in producer representation and distribution of independent film projects into the marketplace.

Integration Entertainment assists filmmakers in obtaining distribution and market placement for their independent films, projects and media ventures.

With tireless efforts and constant attention to the filmmaker's needs, questions and concerns, Integration Entertainment assists filmmakers in navigating the unfamiliar waters of the business of film.


About Integration Entertainment

Integration Entertainment specializes in producer representation (securing distribution for independent features and other content), providing consulting services to facilitate direct distribution deals with domestic and international theatrical, video/DVD, VOD/PPV and all forms of television end users.

Integration Entertainment oversees and consults with filmmakers on projects from the initial strategy through final contract negotiations. Integration's involvement with filmmakers is hands-on through all phases of the project's completion and delivery.

Integration attends major film festivals, film sales markets, screenings and is intricately involved in the marketing and promotion of the project. Integration is available, to its clients, on an open door basis whenever needed, no matter time nor place.

Integration Entertainment maintains ongoing relationships with companies such as New Line Cinema, Lionsgate, The Weinstein Company, Revolution Studios, Columbia Tri-Star (Sony), Blockbuster, Warner Bros., Fox, Paramount, and Universal. Besides the majors, Integration Entertainment has provided product to independents such as Silver Nitrate, Newmarket, Genius Entertainment, Tartan Films, and many others. Each of these relationships has been nurtured for many years and there is a great deal of trust and evergreen business ties with executives at all of these companies. Long standing television relationships have enabled Integration Entertainment to continue to license product on an ongoing basis to all television and other media, such as pay-per-view, VOD, pay cable, basic cable, free television and syndication. End users include, but are not limited to, DirecTV, InDemand, TVN, HBO, Showtime, Starz/Encore, BET, UPN, USA, Sci Fi Channel, etc.

Integration Entertainment maintains ongoing business / production relationships with the likes of William Fay of Legendary Pictures (300, SUPERMAN, THE PATRIOT, INDEPENDENCE DAY, GODZILLA, THE SHAGGY DOG), James Wong (X FILES, THE ONE, FINAL DESTINATION 1 & 3, WILLARD, BLACK CHRISTMAS, and New Line's upcoming feature THE WATCH), Graham King (THE DEPARTED, BLOOD DIAMOND, THE AVIATOR, GANGS OF NEW YORK), Rob Minkoff (THE LION KING, STUART LITTLE franchise, HAUNTED MANSION, the upcoming SHERMAN AND MR. PEABODY), Darryl Taja (KING'S RANDSOM, THE GIRLS' GUIDE TO HUNTING & FISHING), Jon Landau / Lightstorm Entertainment (TITANIC, AVATAR), Rodney M. Liber (WILD THINGS, BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE, IN GOOD COMPANY), and Philip Steuer (NURSE BETTY, THE ROOKIE, THE ALAMO, THE LION, THE WITCH and THE WARDROBE, HOW TO EAT FRIED WORMS, PRINCE CASPIAN) among others. These personal relationships represent filmmakers whose combined box office grosses have exceeded several billions of dollars.

Integration Entertainment is deeply proud of its reputation and offers filmmakers consultation, guidance and practical experience gained from over thirty years of combined experience in the film business. Integration acts on behalf of the filmmaker and provides excellent service in a constantly evolving environment with grace, dignity and respect.

Corporate Bios

Integration Entertainment

Ms. Steuer is the co-owner of Integration Entertainment, a company that represents and brokers deals for completed films. She has been involved with such films as Nelly's SNIPES (Columbia Tri-Star and New Line Television), NOW YOU KNOW (The Weinstein Company), SASQUATCH HUNTERS (Sony), H.P. LOVECRAFT'S BEYOND THE WALL OF SLEEP, FEAR OF CLOWNS, SEA OF FEAR (Lionsgate), 13 SECONDS, AUNT ROSE (Genius Entertainment), PERTH (Tartan), THE KILLER NEXT DOOR (First Look), and many, many others. She maintains ongoing relationships with companies such as New Line Cinema, Lionsgate, Revolution Studios, Columbia Tri-Star (Sony), Blockbuster, The Weinstein Company, Legendary Pictures, Warner Bros, Fox, Paramount, and Universal, as well as extensive relationships with Silver Nitrate, Newmarket, Genius Entertainment and others. Each of these relationships has been nurtured for many years and there is a great deal of trust and long standing business ties with executives at all of these companies. She also licenses product directly through end users and through relationships with DirecTV, In Demand, TVN, HBO, Showtime, Starz/Encore, Sci Fi Channel, USA, etc.

Prior to forming Integration Entertainment, Ms. Steuer served as the Executive Director of Acquisitions at Artisan Entertainment. While at Artisan, she was the Executive in Charge of Production on features such as TICKER (Tom Sizemore, Steven Seagal, Nas, Jaime Pressley, Dennis Hopper), GOOD ADVICE (Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards, Angie Harmon), CUTAWAY (Stephen Baldwin, Tom Berenger, Ron Silver), and MY FIVE WIVES (Rodney Dangerfield, Molly Shannon). Ms. Steuer acquired scripts (including development) for production, supervised casting, oversaw all phases of production through delivery, and facilitated sale of same to theatrical, television and video markets. She attended all major film markets in search of product for domestic acquisitions.

As Manager of Acquisitions and Development at Hallmark Entertainment, Ms. Steuer oversaw productions, both animation and live-action, including ANNABELLE'S WISH, MERLIN, THE UGLY DUCKLING, THE ODYSSEY and GULLIVER'S TRAVELS. Ms. Steuer also served in the capacity of Acquisitions Coordinator at Spelling Films and Republic Pictures. She worked on the development of films such as IN & OUT (Kevin Kline), BREAKDOWN (Kurt Russell), Stephen King's THINNER, and the Reese Witherspoon, Kiefer Sutherland sleeper FREEWAY.

Previously, Ms. Steuer worked at Prism Pictures.

Ms. Steuer is the sister of Philip Steuer, producer of films such as THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE, NURSE BETTY, THE ROOKIE, THE ALAMO, HOW TO EAT FRIED WORMS and the upcoming film PRINCE CASPIAN. Ms. Steuer is well diversified in all aspects of the film industry with a strong understanding of the marketplace and knowledge of profit requirements of the business.